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Thomas Fähnrich is a people and sports photographer.

His work is influenced by sports and music culture, with his visual language being direct and lively. 

After training as a photo lab technician in Cologne, he works for several sports photo agency.

Besides music, tattoos and sports, he is inspired by people who make a difference

For more than 11 years, he has been the club photographer of 1. FC Köln.

He attended the club’s games as a child and started his passion to become a sports photographer.

His job starts long before the photo is taken, with planning and organizing the production and developing the right visual language. 

The focus lies with finding the right look and feel, for his clients or for the project. 

He and his team implements conceptual requirements, even under extreme conditions and keeps his cool. 

His work is, and has regularly been, published internationally.

Thomas lives photography. 

He is supported by his wife Nicole, son Lio and dog Luna, who make sure that Thomas is always on the move and lives and loves the moment.

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